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The Cascina Pezzolo (Pezzolo Farmhouse) is an example of farm estate with enclosed courtyard. Country houses, stables, barns and other buildings are arranged in order to form a closed, sheltered square, which can be accessed through portals and which has farmyards in the middle. This type of farm estate dates back to the 15th century, when, with water-meadows, fodder could be obtained all year round, even in winter, thus enabling cattle-breeding and subsequent cheese making from the milk produced. Water-meadows were an invention of Cistercian monks and consist in using source water which, at a constant temperature of 12 degrees, is made to flow through a complex system of canals and slopes on grassland, preventing the ground from freezing in winter. This technique allows the growth of grass destined for use as cattle fodder in winter. The water reaching Cascina Pezzolo is diverted from Adda river, through the Muzza canal which was built from the citizens of Lodi around 1230. Two irrigation ditches, named Camola e Gavazza, receive water from this canal and convey it to Cascina Pezzolo. After irrigating the fields, water is collected into the Sillaro drainer ditch and then discharged into Lambro river, which eventually flows into Po river through a system which is very similar to that of veins and arteries. In this virtuous production system, Pezzolo farmhouse has evolved throughout centuries; various types of cultivation have ensued each other depending on changing needs, therefore many buildings have lost their original function, which was outdated due to changed production needs. Hence, the problem of how to use and maintain these buildings.
For five generations all cares have been given to land and animals; now the owners have decided to start a complex restoration work, converting most houses into farm tourist facilities. They are convinced that bringing people back to farmhouses is the only way of giving a new life to these structures. Works were carried out preserving the historical and architectural characteristics of buildings, so that tourists can stay in the very rooms which were once inhabited by peasants, relax in the garden and walk along the ditches and canals of Lodi province, reliving forgotten atmospheres. Although immersed in greenery, the Cascina Pezzolo is close to ancient and modern road junctions: its proximity to Lodi exit on "Autosole" A1 motorway allows fast connection to Milan and other destinations, thus being an ideal venue for business and tourism travels.