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Pezzolo was firstly mentioned in a document of 972 referring to some lands which formed part of Saint Peter's monks' possessions in ancient Laus, today known as Lodivecchio; in fact Petiolum means "piece of land". It is an old settlement which was a feud of noble Riccardi family in the 13th century. On 9th April 1340 Amizino Di Spino, a citizen of Lodi, perpetually donated 16 jugers and 7 square perches of land to Tommasino Bonomi in the territory of Pezzolo De Riccardi, in addition to other lands, describing boundaries and buildings among which a castle, already ruined in 1340, where the feudatory dwelled. The castle was provided with a common retreat, a fortified appendix which was used as a farm warehouse and as a shelter for people in case of danger. Noble Amizino di Spino let the building around the ruined castle to Bonomi who was entitled to use Pezzolo castle materials in case he wanted to make any restorations (Levamentum). On 6th January 1366 Pezzolo was mentioned in a document signed by Bernabo' Visconti, by which the Ospedale di San Giacomo, situated in Porta Vercellina (Milano) received an annual rent of 150 imperial liras for Pezolo de Richardis lands with Amizino di Spino's castle. Subsequently, a parchment of May 1545 testifies the transfer of ownership of Pezzolo from Pietro Codazzi, a presbyter from Lodi and domestic priest of pope Paul III, to his grandson, by a deed drawn up in Rome. In 1690 Diego Codazzi, decurion of Lodi and owner of Pezzolo, built a chapel dedicated to saints Joseph and Roch. This place of worship, already existing, was built because the inhabitants of the farmhouse had troubles in reaching the Pieve Fissiraga parish church, one and half mile away from Pezzolo, on bad weather days in winter.