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Cascina Pezzolo stands on land that in 972 was part of the property of the Benedictine monks of the Convent of San Pietro in Lodivecchio.
Centuries pass, ownership changes through various deeds and documents, with illustrious names lost, but present in history. The current owners and tenants are descendants of the family that settled in Pezzolo in the second half of the 19th century.

Cascina Pezzolo De Codazzi

The first mention of Pezzolo dates back to 972 to indicate land belonging to the possessions of the monks of St Peter in ancient Laus, today Lodivecchio, Petiolum in fact means ‘piece of land’. It is an ancient settlement that was a feud of the noble Riccardi family in the 13th century.

On 9 April 1340, Amizino Di Spino, a citizen of Lodi, invests in perpetual level Tommasino Bonomi of 16 jugeri, 7 ploughing perches in the territory of the village of Pezzolo De Riccardi, in addition to other land, citing boundaries and building situations that attest to the existence of a castle that was already ruined in 1340, the feudal lord’s residence.

Also noted is the presence of a ricetto, a fortified appendage of the castle, serving as a storehouse for agricultural products, as well as a refuge for the people in case of danger.

Amizino di Spino rented the block of flats surrounding the ruined castle to Bonomi, with the right to use the existing materials of the castle of Pezzolo, should Bonomi wish to make some rebuildings (Levamentum).

On 6 January 1366 Pezzolo is mentioned in a document signed by Bernabò Visconti, in which the Ospedale di San Giacomo, located in Porta Vercellina in Milan, is established as the beneficiary of an annual rent of 150 imperial lire for the land of Pezolo de Richardis, in which there was the castle of Amizino di Spino.

Subsequently, we find in a parchment dated May 1545 the transfer of ownership of Pezzolo from Pietro Codazzi, a Lodi priest and Paul III’s domestic prelate, to his nephew, in a deed drawn up in Rome.

In 1690 Diego Codazzi, decurion of Lodi and owner of Pezzolo, built a chapel dedicated to Saints Joseph and Rocco. The place of worship,which still exists today, arose because the numerous inhabitants of the farmstead, in the event of bad weather during the winter season, had great difficulty travelling the mile and a half that separated Pezzolo from the parish church of Pieve Fissiraga.

Nearby sights

Agriturismo Cascina Pezzolo stands in the green countryside around Lodi. The Lodi territory is almost entirely bordered by the Lambro, Adda and Po rivers. The typical elements of this landscape are natural and artificial watercourses, open spaces, green and unobstructed plains, cultivated fields and farmsteads.

From a cultural-historical point of view, Lodi’s surroundings provide valuable evidence of its origins: in the Lodi area in general, one can visit sacred buildings founded even before Lodi itself.
The most grandiose are the Basilica of San Bassiano, the Abbey of Cerreto, an ancient Cistercian monastery located in what is now Abbadia Cerreto, and the Sanctuary Mater Amabilis in Ossago.


The different generations that have succeeded over the years, the facilities around the Cascina, all the interesting facts about our Angus Aberdeen: come and discover more about our Agriturismo Cascina Pezzolo.

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