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Agriturismo Cascina Pezzolo has chosen to be sustainable for the environment and the land.

Clean energy

Agriturismo Cascina Pezzolo has chosen to be sustainable for the environment and the territory, opting for a long and patient conservative restoration that would respect and safeguard the soul of the building, bringing to light the imperfect materiality of the materials in their natural expressive and emotional form.
Thermal insulation was carried out with high-efficiency silicates that allow the natural transpiration of lime-plastered walls, which, together with ventilated crawl spaces and natural ventilation, prevent unhealthy environments.

The rooms, flats and communal areas are heated by a high-efficiency biomass boiler, which is obtained from the woods adjacent to the farm by selecting dry, end-of-life plants each year. Solar thermal panels optimise the production of domestic hot water.
Cooling, during the summer, takes place thanks to a geothermal system that exploits the natural temperature of the subsoil, which is between 12 and 14 degrees. This allows for the sustainable use of fresh groundwater without having to release artificial heat into the atmosphere.

The farm

The farm is organically certifiedand has embarked on this path because of ethical and moral choices to safeguard the fauna and the land.
The choice to be an organic company came about not out of fashion or the need for profit, but out of a higher intention to bring respect and well-being to a complex world of organisms, both plant and animal, that form the basis of our life on earth.

The area of agricultural land extends for 100 hectares and grass crops are cultivated in rotation with crops such as barley, wheat, sorghum, soya, peas; this keeps the soil alive and fertile by making intelligent use of the substances naturally present in it.

No synthetic herbicides are used:weeds are controlled by false seeding and weeding, taking timely action when our crop requires it and finally reducing soil evaporation. For the control of pathogens and pests, the use of synthetic plant protection products is avoided, and in accordance with regulations, fertilisers, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified varieties are not used.

The irrigation of the fields takes place using a complex network of ancient canals which, thanks to a system of bulkheads, allows the water to flow along the base of the plants without the aid of tractors and therefore diesel.

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